Hello everyone!

Just before the year end we began the introduction of our pizzas to the Swedish market, and in just three months, our products are now sold in more than 15 (!) different stores around Skåne. We have our dear customers to thank for all of this.

They say that in order to succeed, it is best to do so first near home. The time has come for us to hopefully become centrally listed which would allow for our products to be sold in the grocery stores throughout Sweden. We are now in this process and we are hopeful that you will soon find our products in a store close to you. Granted that we accomplish this, we will thereafter be eyeing our neighbouring Nordic markets.

Also, very soon our products will be featured, for the first time, in Sweden's biggest independent gluten free magazine! Rumour says it that they have had a blind taste test to determine the tastiest among the gluten-free pizzas  in the market. We keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best (although we already know who the winner should be 😉)

Would you like to see our products in your country? If so, do not hesitate to tell that to your nearest supermarket! 

We wish you all a nice spring!

Warm greetings from us at Sanus Glutenfri